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Maserati Westlake | Drive and Sail Experience

When we offer experiences to our clients, we try and bring them opportunities they may not have otherwise. We want to show them a time they will never forget. Recently Maserati brought out their full line up to Marina Del Ray for our clients to test drive. Ride and drives are not unusual in our world, but a Drive and Sail, well that’s another story.


As clients and guests arrived at the beautiful Marina Del Rey Hotel, they were greeted by not only two lovely Maserati Representatives, but the entire line up Maserati has to offer. The entire fleet was available for test drives which some guests were eager to partake. Others were excited for another kind of ride.



Once inside the hotel, guests checked in to the Drive and Sail, and given the chance to eat and mingle before the coming excursion. They also got the chance to purchase some of the amazing Maserati / Zegna line of clothing made specifically for sailing.



When the time came we all loaded into waiting Levante’s and were shuttled to the harbor a few miles from the hotel.


And now, time for boating…

Upon reaching the harbor everyone was fitted with waterproof jackets and life preservers. We all boarded the small boat and set off through the bay.



Even after seeing video and photos, they do this amazing boat no justice. We sat in awe of the craft everyone was about to board. Some facts and figures about the boat to give context to how truly special it is.


  • Three years of clocking up the miles and records on the world’s oceans with Maserati VOR70 have been followed by a new triple-hulled sporting chapter. In 2016, Giovanni Soldini and his team are returning to the international racing scene aboard Maserati Multi70, a new-generation MOD70 ocean-going trimaran that flies across the waves at over 40 knots in an effortless marriage of leading-edge technology, blistering performance, reliability and safety.
  • Stretching 21.2 metres in length and 16.8 in the beam, Maserati Multi70 sports a 29-metre rotating wing mast and displaces 6.3 tons. She also rises up out of the water on her foils and rudders with an unprecedented degree of stability. This reduces her wetted surface area which in turn boosts performance.
  • Designed by Van Peteghem Lauriot-Prévost (VPLP) and a former member of the Team Gitana racing stable, Maserati Multi70 has been optimised by French designer Guillaume Verdier for the new challenges that lie in store.


Unfortunately due to the huge amount of water you are hit with while on the trip we were unable to record any video footage or photos of the experience.  We can tell you this though. When the small boat returned to the harbor carrying our guests, not a single person cared they were soaked. No one cared about their clothes or how their hair looked. All they knew was that the just experienced something that very few people have the privilege to do and they were grateful for it.



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