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Levante | The Maserati of SUV’s

The Levante. The “Maserarti of SUV’s” as it’s called, has become increasingly popular since its introduction late last year.  Like most SUV’s these days, they never see a second of off-road time. They are used as daily drivers and grocery haulers. Well, we at O’Gara Westlake wanted to change that stigma and give guests an idea of what these capable SUV’s are made of. Thus we created The Levante Challenge.


The Challenge was simple, take the Levante to unique locations and push it both off road and on twisty mountain roads. Starting at our beautiful Maserati Westlake showroom, participants were put into teams. Each team was given a car and a map full of stops. At each stop not only was there a different experience but the team would answer a series of questions about the famed Italian brand.



And we’re off…

We jumped in our cars, hit the road and headed for a Boho Farmhouse in the hills of Malibu. The winding roads tested the suspension while in sport mode. Upon arriving at the ranch we switched to the off-road mode and made our way through the dirt trails leading to the ranch.  Once parked we were greeted with refreshing and organic Moon Juice by our hosts. It was the perfect pit stop to take in the view and catch out a breath.


Next stop…. The Sunset Restaurant

Feeling refreshed we got back on the road and headed west toward the coast. The impressive sight of 9 brand new Levante’s all traveling together caught the attention of people on the road and on the beach, as we rolled into the valet at The Sunset Restaurant. We were in for a real treat with an Oyster tasting waiting for us upstairs.  We were given a lesson on how to properly shuck oysters and we got to work.



It was time to leave our beachside restaurant and head for a special location for a full sit down meal.  Located in Pacific Palisades, perched high above Will Rodgers state beach, was one of the most modern yet elegant estates we had ever seen.  With the entire front of the house open to allow in the cool ocean breeze, we were able to enjoy lunch both inside and outside this incredible home.  The beautiful gourmet meal was everyone’s prize for a great drive, but we had one last stop on the challenge.



After our meal, it was time to head back to the dealership. All and all the challenge lasted for 70 miles, but when you include the multiple stops, twisty canyons, and off-road trails, this felt like a much harder test. A thank you speech was given and prizes were awarded, but with an experience like that, we think everyone went home a winner.

For a video highlight of the extraordinary day CLICK HERE


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