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Wednesday, December 27th, 2017

Welcome to Westlake GranTurismo, December Edition!

To get the morning started we arranged a rally through the beautiful canyons of Malibu to Westlake GT Cars and Coffee. A crew of twenty supercar owners ranging from Lamborghini’s, Ferrari’s, Porsche’s, and more savored the beautiful morning drive before heading over to Westlake GT. The crew wrapped up the morning with an exciting Car Show featuring the all-new Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII. A large array of supercars, luxury, and vintage cars made a splash at this months Westlake GT Cars and Coffee. Discover Westlake GT at O’Gara Westlake as we walk you through supercars, luxury, modern, and vintage cars.

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Friday, November 17th, 2017

Westlake GT | Cars and Coffee. Reinvented | November Edition

Introducing our first Westlake GranTurismo Cars and Coffee in the Conjeo Valley at O’Gara Coach Westlake. We had a great turn out for the first-ever Westlake GT. Don’t miss us next time on December 2nd and the first Saturday of every month, rain or shine, from 9-11 AM. Westlake GT features impeccable Italian coffee, sponsored by Carrara Pastries and a car scene unlike any other. For a taste of Italy, indulge in a cup of fine espresso accompanied with genuine Italian pastries provided by Carrara. Bring your classic, unique, exotic, or luxury vehicles to Westlake GT and enjoy your Saturday morning showing off or admiring the car of your dreams. Visit us next time to connect with similar owners in the community in the perfect setting.  Below are the highlights from our event. If you would like to get in on the hype, reserve your spot at The December show is already looking to outdo November’s show by adding a special appearance, see you next month! You can follow us on Instagram and Facebook at @WestlakeGranTurismo and visit our site for dates and more highlights at


On the Red Carpet… Alfa Romeo & Maserati of O’Gara Westlake Showcase Vehicle Line Up at Calabasas Film Festival

Friday, October 13th, 2017
Calabasas Film Festival Maserati Alfa Romeo

2017 Calabasas Film Festival

Red Carpet Sponsors Maserati Westlake & Alfa Romeo Westlake

The 2017 Calabasas Film Festival showcases top quality film selections from major film premieres, documentaries, and student films from multiple entertaining genres. Maserati Westlake and Alfa Romeo Westlake make an appearance on the red carpet as a stunning sponsorship duo. The Italians showcased their new cutting-edge vehicles. This includes the popular new Alfa Romeo Giulia which ranks best in its class for power and performance. Maserati Westlake brought their record selling SUV, the Levante, and of course the GranTurismo, their prized flagship vehicle.

O’Gara Coach Westlake proudly collaborated with the Calabasas Film Festival. It was an opportunity to support the film industry community and add chic automotive style. We want to thank the lovely Calabasas community for their wonderful lifestyle.

Films shown are as follows: Talk To Me (10 Year Anniversary), Literally Right Before Aaron (LA Premiere), Visage (World Premiere), Up North (Series Premiere), Crash Pad (World Premiere), ESPN 30 for 30: Year of The Scab, Lemon, Don’t Mess With Julie Whitfield, The Spring, Oh Damn, Good Crazy, Woody’s Order, Where Have You Gone Lou DiMaggio, Curpidgeon, Animal Crackers (World Premiere), + Student Films.




Thursday, September 7th, 2017



The Phantom. The flagship sedan in the iconic Rolls-Royce line up. This car has become the pinnacle of luxury and class.  For 13 years the Phantom VII has hosted everyone from entertainment megastars to royal families. So how do you improve upon that? How do you take arguably one of the most recognized cars in the world, and make it better? Rolls-Royce had the answer.



Tuesday, September 5th, 2017
Bentley Continental GT Screening

Photos by Jessica Sterling

2019 Bentley Continental GT | VIP Preview

In the automotive industry, most new car reveals are pretty straight forward and similar.  Cue the music, pull back the cloth, and talk about the car while guests watch through their cell phone screens. This time around Bentley wanted to do something different. Show off the Bentley Continental GT in a creative way, and making the experience very exclusive. These are the highlights from the special Bentley Westlake event.



Friday, August 25th, 2017

O’Gara Westlake | 2017 Monterey Car Week Recap

Monterey Car Week,  the largest and most prestigious car gathering in the world. The series of events held during that week bring together some of the most elusive and expensive automobiles in history.  Mind boggling displays of automotive wealth and ingenuity are commonplace not only at exclusive events like Quail, but in the streets of Monterey and Carmel. You don’t need a billionaires bank account to see and appreciate the amazing cars that converge on this quiet beach town. That is what makes this week so special. It brings together car enthusiasts of all backgrounds. Below are highlights from the events and private showings held last week.




Tuesday, August 15th, 2017

The Bentley Grand Tour | O’Gara Westlake

At O’Gara Westlake we pride ourselves with providing clients experiences they might not have otherwise. The Bentley Grand Tour was just that. We had clients and guests climb inside these beautiful Bentley’s to test the cars and themselves on some of the best roads in Southern California.  The final stop being the ultra exclusive and members only Soho House Malibu. These are the highlights from that amazing day.



Wednesday, August 9th, 2017

Levante | The Maserati of SUV’s

The Levante. The “Maserarti of SUV’s” as it’s called, has become increasingly popular since its introduction late last year.  Like most SUV’s these days, they never see a second of off-road time. They are used as daily drivers and grocery haulers. Well, we at O’Gara Westlake wanted to change that stigma and give guests an idea of what these capable SUV’s are made of. Thus we created The Levante Challenge.



Friday, July 14th, 2017

Maserati Westlake | Drive and Sail Experience

When we offer experiences to our clients, we try and bring them opportunities they may not have otherwise. We want to show them a time they will never forget. Recently Maserati brought out their full line up to Marina Del Ray for our clients to test drive. Ride and drives are not unusual in our world, but a Drive and Sail, well that’s another story.



Monday, July 3rd, 2017

Rolls-Royce Westlake, Sun Air Jets Partner for Luxurious Event

When our newest partners, the amazing group at Sun Air Jets, called us regarding an event they were hosting, we jumped at the chance to attend. We decided of the O’Gara Westlake brands, that Rolls-Royce Westlake would be the best fit for an event centered around private jets. Enter the Night of Flight.