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Bentley Continental GT Screening

Photos by Jessica Sterling

2019 Bentley Continental GT | VIP Preview

In the automotive industry, most new car reveals are pretty straight forward and similar.  Cue the music, pull back the cloth, and talk about the car while guests watch through their cell phone screens. This time around Bentley wanted to do something different. Show off the Bentley Continental GT in a creative way, and making the experience very exclusive. These are the highlights from the special Bentley Westlake event.


The Bentley Continental GT is a spectacular car. It has a look that has become synonymous with the Bentley name. After years of updates and subtle facelifts, it was time for a redesign. The GT is new from the ground up, but keeping some of the design cues that made the car iconic.  These details and features were included in a 20-minute short film featuring actor Jean Reno. This film was made exclusively for the screening which happened worldwide on the same day.


For this event, we set up a screen in our gorgeous Bentley Westlake showroom. With gourmet aperitif being passed and the sun going down to was time to start the show.  It was kicked off by a speech from President and CEO of Bentley Motors, Mark Del Rosso. Following his introduction, the lights lowered and the film started.  Following the 20 minute detailed film of the new Bentley Continental GT, the guests were able to enjoy deserts and discuss the future icon with Mr. Del Rosso personally.  As the event wrapped and guests departed, it became clear that this had been a very special night to celebrate the future of a very special car.


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